Faults & Emergencies


For any faults or emergencies, you will have to contact NIE directly.

If your electricity goes off, start by checking to see if it's a power cut or a fault in your home. The easiest way to do this, is to look to see if your neighbours still have electricity. If they don't then it is a power cut, you will need to contact NIE. If they do then, it could be a fault in your home with a faulty appliance.   

NIE T&D are responsible for operating and maintaining the electricity network in Northern Ireland.

NIE Transmission & Distribution

Any power cuts or faults in supply? Call:

03457 643 643


For any faults or emergencies, you will need to contact Phoenix Gas directly. 

If you think you smell gas:

Do Turn off your gas supply
Do extinguish all naked flames

Do Not
Do not use matches
Do not smoke

Smell Gas?

Call the 24-hour gas emergency service

0800 002 001

Meter Faults/Tampering

If you suspect any faults in your supply and/or tampering then please call

028 8644 0435